Clouds of Sound

October 3, 2010

As I am debating getting a finishing-school education in composition/electronics I’m look for more ways to try to allow (not force, heh) people to listen to the music I’ve already made, and along comes Soundcloud to solve my problems.

And I can embed music as easy as that.  But wait, you’re saying, this is drone/noise/ambient stuff and what does it have to do with photographic navel-gazing?  The answer, my friend, is that more and more content has been leaking out of/spilling into my work than can be held even by a large installation of photographs.  Plus I have an extensive background in classical composition and listen to “pop” music obsessively so it’s not entirely left-field.

So above and below are tracks to sample from Blank Stare, which is basically digital ambient music with fangs.   I’m interested in three things as a composer: 1) the idea of the sample, 2) repetition and 3) drones/time distortion so what you’ve got here touches on all that though it’s not easy listening.


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