What Vision is Like

October 11, 2010

A few things factor into the images below:

1) a friend asked me what it was like, for an autistic person (like me) to just look around a room, etc. and asked me to make photos to reflect that.  I don’t actually see trails of blurry light but the disorientation here feels exactly right.

2) I rolled the odometer, so to speak, on my camera yesterday, meaning I have taken 10,000 photographs in about 2.5 years.  And that doesn’t even include scans or using film.  So!  That’s pretty obsessive but I’ve become aware that my shitty camera is really only good for certain kinds of shots, like the kind below.

3) I started thinking about making a visual analog to the drone music I make (see below) and this again seemed like a good fit.  So feel free to press play on those tracks and just stare.

4) Finally I am a little fatigued by extra-photographic meaning: the idea that the photo is about something other than the photo and photography.  So I am doing some work that is a bit reflexive.



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