Masculinity Cycle (Houdini) again

October 26, 2010

The premise is the same as it was last time: I restage a classic Houdini rope challenge with two changes–first, I resist being tied up and second I repeat the escape over and over until I can no longer do it.  So it falls outside the purview of magic show because everybody knows eventually I won’t be able to get untied–too physically exhausted.

And, speaking of physical exhaustion, I was very tired the night of the performance and I think that had not so great of an effect on the overall performance though the violence/enthusiasm did escalate as the night went on and I had two successful escapes before the third round of volunteers were eager not to listen to any of my (actual) complaints.  So I have a few bruises but it’s nothing major, and plans are in the works to do the show again in 2012 and try to get a bigger audience and to get me focused on just this one thing so that things go more smoothly.  Thanks to everybody involved though, including Matias Viegener and Michael Buitron but especially Ryan Majestic, who developed the piece with me, and Eric Kim at Human Resources, who hosted the performance.  A few pictures are below.



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