Say It With Red Flowers

October 29, 2010

Yeah, so, okay.  In an analog color darkroom, if you leave the focus light on when printing you get the film’s red mask projected onto the print and you end up, in the end, with a dark red print.  It’s a frustrating mistake if you’re in a hurry or tired or have been printing for ten hours but it’s also great-looking in its own right.

So I’ve been trying to replicate that effect digitally now that I don’t even own a film camera anymore but I am a slow Photoshop learner and only figured this out a few days ago.  If the flower pictures from a few posts ago were super-kitsch, this is some other category of kitsch.  Except for the rope pictures, which are just creepy.

So it’s Photoshop 101 but on the other hand I think the images are what I was trying to get at; sickly-sweet with an emphasis on “sickly”.


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