Stolen Ideas are the Best Ideas

November 1, 2010

Well, not really.  But the photos below feature a technique–cutting a letter out of paper and flipping it up for the text–that’s in the (excellent) work of both Glenn Kaino and Ginny Cook.   And that two artists who don’t know each other already came up with very different takes on it sort of absolves me, right?  Plus what you see below looks nothing like the work of either artist, so there’s that.  I did feel a little odd when cutting and flipping but then, thinking about how every time I pick up a camera it’s an echo of hundreds if not thousands of photographers that I know of plus everybody else made me feel a little better.  That plus this was mostly an experiment and these may not ever see light of day other than here.

The text isn’t entirely random but comes from responses to thinking about the word and idea “noncompliance” and how that differs from disobedience (in my mind at least) because of being passive vs. active and about how compliance/noncompliance reverberates back through the non-military work I’ve made over the last three years and forward into projects I would like to work on. So, anyway:



And Please is more raggedy not for artistic reasons but because I couldn’t find a sharper X-Acto knife.


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