The Blueprint

December 2, 2010

Hey, want to buy a unique set of 16×20″ cyanotypes (blueprints) made in 2007 for the low low price of $2500 unframed so I can pay off my car so it won’t get repossessed?   No?   Times are hard all over.

The prints are instructions that were sent to me from a guy in Australia about how to build a pillory balanced with bits and pieces of poetic writing and found drawings of musculature.  Later I’ll have closeups but for now here are the five, rephotographed (finally) so I can store them digitally.  Rediscovering these came at a weird and sort of appropriate time in terms of my plans for what I’d like to work on when the novel is done in approx. April.  I’ve shot more random things I’ll also post on and off but it’s going to be a bit archival over here for now.  Detail shots tomorrow.



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