The Seven Days of Shamelessness, Day One

December 4, 2010

Normally I just post new work as a kind of diary, for the three of you who read it regularly and those of you who find it by accident while searching for other things.  I’m a writer, too, but keeping a writerly blog has always felt too much like talking and I’m good at writing but not any good at talking so you get images instead.

But I was reading a blog I read regularly, the excellent Notes on Looking, and stumbled across news of photographer David Horvitz’ various campaigns to raise money for things by selling work.  He has a semi-private site dedicated to that and it seems to be going pretty well.    Because my unemployment benefits are running out, though, now, and my computer is dying, I decided I would try that out as well.

So here’s the deal.  For the next seven days I’m going to be posting bodies of work with prices on this blog.  If you’re interested in buying, contact me at nicholas.grider(at)  The other deal is similar to Horvitz: if you’re willing to sponsor me buying a new computer or making a trip to LA I need to make in the spring I will make a deal with you for a set number of prints at a set size, the prints of your choosing from my hefty backlog.  I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t really need the cash, and won’t I hear about disability payments for months and everything is dicey, so hence the shamelessness of it.  Feel free to weigh in with comments, though.

First up on day one are two sets of recent work.  The following four images are untitled from the series Shibari and at 12×12″ are $100 each and at 20×20″ are $300 each, both prices unframed.  There’s eight images in the entire series, and each print would be an edition of five.   I feel free to do this because I’ve had lots of contact with non-profit spaces but galleries just aren’t interested so here you go.


And then there’s a few other images posted recently but reworked after a lot of thought re: darkroom photography led me to the Starn Twins, to whom these images owe a debt though these are more seasick, befitting the toxic Lake Michigan they show.  These are untitled prints from the series The Lake, and are small prints only, 8×12″ each, $100, editions of five.



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