Gap period

December 29, 2010

So I’m switching computers and working on an 800-page novel right now and am not cranking out the new images like usual.  I will get back to regular posting soonish.  I was going to post a music year-end review here but meh, other than that Gowns’ “Stand and Encounter” is song of the year by a country mile in a year filled with hugely great music.  But here’s what to look for in 2011:

The Decemberists not making a prog album: Jan. 2011 (The King is Dead)

James Blake debut full-length (title unknown) Feb. 2011

new Seefeel full-length Feb. 2011

new PJ Harvey Let England Shake which may or may not be good Feb. 2011

R.E.M. album of the year Collapse Into Now out March 8th (seriously it will be album of the year unless AFX brings it)

new Bjork maybe this spring

new Aphex Twin in spades maybe this year after approx. forever


Happy new whatever.


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