The Masculinity Project

January 9, 2011

Photo courtesy of the artist/welder, Kendall Polster.

So this is another section of the fourteen sections of the Masculinity Project project.  It’s not a photo but an actual custom-built locking stockade for yours truly to wear for a performance piece.   The idea there is that I’m in the stockade all day but that visitors who encounter me in the gallery can, if they choose, take me out for fifteen minutes, but only if they put on the stockade themselves.  I haven’t picked it up yet so I don’t know exactly how intimidating this is going to feel and look but it looks pretty impressive.  And this isn’t Theme Corner so I’ll leave it to you to decide how this relates to masculinity and power and control but it isn’t rocket science.  And the name of the performance piece, which I think I’m doing this year in LA and MKE, is Burden.



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