February 2, 2011

So I broke my promise never to post pics of myself on here and figured I might as well show off the stockade now that I’m on the blog and not hiding behind it.  It’s a pretty mean piece of equipment; 2″ high and about 36″ long.  There’s a design flaw in that the metal bows out near the neck but I have that solved for now with some metal clamps I got at Home Depot.  Not quite happy with that though so suggestions are welcome.

The deal is that I am locked in this during an entire gallery day/event and visitors can remove it if they want for fifteen minutes at a shot but only if they agree to put it on themselves.  I think if I had come up with something less uncomfortable-looking I would probably get takers but as it is I’m not so sure, so I’m trying to wear it for progressively longer periods of time in order to build up my stamina.  And, yes: this is what you end up doing when you’re on a fixed income and you have all day free.   Though trust me I’ve done stuff that makes this and the arrest look ordinary.


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