Me, Getting Arrested

February 2, 2011

Yeah, so: I had myself “arrested” for a photo shoot.  I actually already did this in 2006 but wasn’t happy with the images and lost the negatives, so I called back (and they remembered me because it’s a pretty eccentric think  to ask for) and said come on down.  It’s a small police force in a suburb of Milwaukee on the far north end of the city.  The “why?” question is legitimate but I wanted to document the steps that the process takes because it’s a moment of intimate physical contact and control between strangers and only cops and doctors really have that boundary-breaking and oh boy am I not eager to get near any doctors.  So, cops.   I also wonder what it would be like to actually be arrested–probably unpleasant but I mean what would it feel like?  (Answer: the handcuffs were not as comfortable as I thought but things are very awkward.)

Also please neglect my giant Charlie Brown head, here.  🙂


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