Substance as Style

February 20, 2011

Laying in bed the other day I came to the reckoning of whether I want to try to be the kind of artist whose career takes off at any cost or do I want to make work I’m interested in and invested in and that means something to me even if it never appeals to anyone else.  And I chose the latter.  So instead of trying to hustle gallery shows now and brand myself I’m going to focus instead on doing what I love and letting the chips fall.  I have a novel to finish first (780 pages and counting) but I’ll have a bunch of new conceptual-leaning stuff to post here in the coming weeks including some more me-as-Houdini shots and related work.

For now, a repost here of some recent work but it has been reworked in Photoshop to make it “pop” more.  It’s still conceptual art: printouts of rainforests erased by the addition of water to the ink, with an environmental corollary if you want to dig for one, but done the way I want to do it, not the way I think I should be doing it.


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