Handsome and Faceless

February 25, 2011

So as part of The Masculinity Project project I’ve been making drawings that are line tracings on vellum of photographs of handsome men, usually pulled from clothing store images or magazines.  I’m in the process of making seventy of these to send out as pledge rewards to people who helped fund the projects I’m attempting to work on now, and since this is itself one of the portions of the project, I thought I would scan and post some here.   The originals are all 8.5×11″ and I’m not paying attention to how many I make of each drawing; my final non-pledge portfolio will just contain one trace of each image.

There’s nothing really conceptually deep about these other than that it’s interesting what it does to the image when you leave the face out.  I’ve been doing tracings like this since 2003 and have a large archive of different photos but this is the first concentrated effort on “handsome” men.  I will say, though, that I’m going by a consensus/marketing agreement on what handsome is because I don’t actually find a lot of these men all that attractive and like them better faceless.



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