Control (1)

March 17, 2011

So part of the Masculinity Project project is specific attention paid to human, physical means of control, which for me triangulates escape magic like Houdini, the police, and bdsm use of restraint(s).  Not three things often grouped together for artistic purposes, though there’s a travelling show now going around about Houdini that I was almost in (oh well).

But so: I’ve already posted pics of myself getting arrested and of handcuffs and leg irons so now here are some shots of the handcuffs in action, thanks to a patient model.  (Putting on and taking off handcuffs is sort of ungainly unless you have a lot of practice, which obviously I don’t.)  Some of the shots are below; I need to work on them more to make them, in the word of my friend Tom, “pop”, but here’s the raw material.   Finished edits of these shots will probably get posted down the line.  What you’re seeing are reproductions of German and British cuffs no longer in use because the average handcuffs you’ve maybe seen is now the international standard, in various forms.



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