Endless and Meaningless

May 18, 2011

So.  The previous post stuff: a lot of what I’ve been working on the past two years has been pushing queer, abstract, and landscape together in uncomfortable ways.  These images, unreadable at this size but immense and overwhelming at 30×40″ or larger seem like one of many logical endpoints.  The work was simple here; I took images I had of lilac trees where I stood underneath and shot straight up and I layered them until you have a dense network of black with a haze of purple and off-white behind it.  They’re incredibly detailed yet no one part of the image is meaningful in a way different from other spots, something I’ve been working toward as the brink of something.

The brink of what exactly is hard to articulate.  Partly this is a middle finger to Gurskyesque total immersion photos where minute detail is recorded into a scene that represents the world in sometimes literal, sometimes visibly altered way.  No stitching here, no subject, just random intricacy.  Taking the piss only gets you so far, though, so more on the point I’m interested in whether this work is queer and if it is, how.  It’s pretty.  It’s delicate (close up at least).  It’s strange.  It circles “queer” without quite announcing itself.

Or it could just be pictures of branches.  I have too much free time and get feverish in my thought about and production of both art and writing so I could be seeing something here that isn’t there.  Which is its own kind of beauty, in a way.


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