Nowhere in Particular

May 20, 2011

N0 real story here, just needed to get out of the house yesterday and went out and took some photos in lakefront fog; then I looked at iheartphotograph and decided to try circular formatting, which is something I’ve done once before but forgot about.  I guess if there’s a story it’s that the amount of work I make far outstrips the number of exhibitions any artist could ever have, even an art star, so a lot of this is semi-private archive, which makes me wonder about the future of this stuff good or bad.  I am theoretically more legit than a random person with an Iphone because of my MFA but with no shows anymore, to hustle for or curate, at least not until I find a way to move back to Los Angeles, right here is the only place I’m showing any new work.  Not that all the work I make is even exhibitable, obviously, but on the other hand time is slipping by and I am still waiting, for what I’m not sure anymore.


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