Obvious Targets

June 11, 2011

It’s evident these are all pop song lyrics, right?  For every Beatles there’s a PJ Harvey or Scout Niblett and it strikes me that most of the female artists lyrics that appeal to me the most aren’t as famous as male counterparts, and shouldn’t we be past that?  Or am I just not coming up with something pithy by Janis Jopin or Janet Jackson* or whoever?   The “Hey hey hey” lyric is Joanna Newsom, for example, who should be as famous as the Beatles or Stones but is not (yet).  Or maybe is in certain audiences, which begs the question of what audience would see these (massive) prints on a white wall somewhere and know the Newsom or Niblett or Harvey as easily as the Nirvana a few posts down.

*I refuse to mock up the lyrics of anyone in that family because of that sick fucking child molester.





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