Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

July 3, 2011

Messing around with more tiled text pieces, though this time not tied to pop song lyrics or flat construction paper.  I’m still figuring out the best form for this set so there are two options below; I’m leaning toward #2 because it’s more sloppy.  And since I ran out of scotch tape to tape the letters to the wall, all the texts for this set are going to be increasingly nonsensical phrases you can make out of the letters of the title of this post / first piece, like “Now you know everything you ever wanted” or “anything you want to know you know now” etc. which should prove interesting as a set but probably unstageable like most of my projects lately.

I am having a big f–king 40×60″ print made of a Bjork lyric made here for a show in Milwaukee, mopping in exchange for printing; the curator told me I could include two pieces that size but I’m too old to clean up after someone else’s mess for thirty weeks in a row.  I might do my stockade piece at the gallery, though, which would be nice.


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