Interstitial (Again)

August 4, 2011

Things are a bit hectic here right now what with having a heart attack over the debt deal more or less (I’m on the dole here and there’s danger I wouldn’t have had a place to live or food to eat in two months) and with also trying to finish a novel, a couple of essays, and a short story collection while hoping the giant tome I wrote over the winter actually sells plus trying to get together money for a show in LA next year plus doing some deep philosophical pondering about whether or not I still want to make photos or whether I want to make actual objects instead of or in addition to photos plus reading Ulysses at least an hour or two a day everyday means I’m sort of fried.  And flat broke as always so my works in progress are in limbo.  I might put up some work in progress stuff here soon but for the moment I’m spread a little thin, which is saying a lot for someone with few responsibilities and no job.  More soon, though, inevitably.


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