Ephemeral Wall Work is the New Photography

August 12, 2011

Or not.  But in any case that’s what I’m up to except I don’t have much of a 2011 reference frame for ephemeral wall work.  As in: I’m pitching shows to a gallerist here in MKE and the show I’m keen on features a 6×6′ grid of 4×4″ pieces of colored cardstock (pictures soon) but a bunch of cardstock squares taped to the wall is going to be a hard sell, I think, especially when the rest of the show would consist of close-up photos of grids of cardstock.  And this gallery mainly shows portraits.  Of which I have very few and am not interested in.  All of which makes me wonder how someone like Sol LeWitt would start a career in 2011, not that I’m comparing myself to him in terms of quality by any means but you get the idea: things in 2011 seem more object-oriented than ever (though I don’t have examples to back this up) And I’m nauseated just by the idea of the quasi-object of the framed photograph, at least for the next week or so until I start making photos again.


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