More of the same new old stuff

August 26, 2011

My friend Adam (hi Adam) has pointed out that much of my recent work has dealt with language, the idea of the grid, or the overlap of the two.  And he’s completely right, and what I realized is that, some content digressions to the contrary, I’ve been dealing with those two things since I first began as an artist.  And that I think there’s still a lot of life left in them.

I have a lot of language work sitting on my computer or taped to my “studio” wall right now but I’ve been all grid lately instead.  I’m trying, specifically, to make work that materializes the idea of the pixel as the basis for a photographic image.  What’s below is a side road to that but I’m struggling right now about size and form and material matters and should have entirely literal and entirely digital examples to post soon.  For now, two grids and a language piece.  (Re: the language piece–for a short story set at an ad agency I’ve been trying to think of taglines for fake ads, and this popped into my head as not useful for that but striking on its own.)


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