Lack of Subtlety

August 30, 2011

So all of this work with square pieces of colored paper has gotten me interested in the fact and history of the pixel as building block of digital images.  I considered zooming in on an image to radically simplify a tiny part of it or else using the “mosaic” function in Photoshop but both of those approaches seemed too easy so what I did instead was make a 20×20″ grid and make pictures myself, pasting in one pixel at a time until I got results I liked.  Small they don’t look like much but these would be large prints more tuned to a bodily experience than a purely facial one, though of course where’s the money for that, Grider.

The other option I’d like to explore is making the following images into large paintings but that’s not practical right now and the thing about the currency of photographs is that I can share my work easily, something tough to do with large paintings and no galleries in town, really.  So consider the following a means of treading water while I still try to figure out the physicality of my current work, and expect some more language work on the horizon as well.

And note: the black borders are there for you to see the whole square; they’re not part of the image.


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