Needlepoint Gestural Asbtraction

September 6, 2011

So down below this current post there are some pixel grids that look like very crude, cheerful squarish collections of squares, right?  Well the curator and gallerist associated with the show these may be shown in thought it would be nice if all the pixels were flatbed scans of actual pieces of cardstock in order to show the grain.  Which means placing not just the colors but also the white.  White on white.  400 times per image.

And so I did it.  With the help of probably-controversial depression remedy Vyvanse (it’s an amphetamine, and it works) I was up to the task of the singular concentration it requires to maniacally cut and paste cardstock pixels into a 20×20 grid 400 times.  The resultant prints are 40×40″ and not as sharp or saturated as the flat colored ones below but from a conceptual/sales standpoint they make more sense because it’s the labor involved in tiling together “real” pieces of cardstock that’s the “idea.”  So, whatever.  The only way to really figure out if these work or not is to print them out, so I’m working on that too.

As before, the black borders just show the print and are not part of the image.


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