The Rules

October 7, 2011

Instead of pontificating just yet I thought instead I’d share new images and some of the rules I’m following here, because this may seem gestural and painterly but it’s governed by a set of rules I defined for myself.  Here are the rules for the two sets of recent images.

Pencil/White Grid works.  Each work consists of nine scans of four pieces of white cardstock, making for 36 squares making up a larger square.  The cardstock may be marked but only with pencil lines parallel or diagonal to the edges of each 4″ card.  Each work consists of nine sets of the four squares scanned together.  The squares are not to be lined up evenly but should overlap each other and rest at slight angles.  Each small grid of four should be unique in order to prevent the formation of a pattern.

Color pieces.  Each work consists of one or more sheets of painted copy/printer paper painted in solid colors with craft paint using a plastic brush.  Each page is scanned while still curled/warped from the moisture with the scanner cover open.  Each resulting work should be a perfect square, except when more than one square is used, in which case the measurement should be double or half a square or else the aspect ratio of the resulting photograph must equal common film negative ratios, meaning 2:3 and 4:5.  If more than one piece is used, the pieces should remain in the same color family or else adhere to using a combination of either primary or secondary colors.

So!  With that in mind you can look at everything below and once I read more about abstraction, photographic and painterly, I’ll write something more theoretical.  Also, I did break the pencil line rule but it worked so that’s what rules are for, I guess.


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