Mistaken Perceptions of Order

October 11, 2011

So one line of the abstract stuff I’m currently doing consist of white 4″ pieces of cardstock drawn on and gridded until you get a grid of 36 squares that forms something that’s almost a pattern.  The almost is important, because what I’m specifically trying to do in arranging the cards on the scanner is to make things seem as if they’re orderly while, upon closer inspection, the order falls apart.  Sometimes this means angling identical cards to break patterns and sometimes this means drawing on the cards in such a way that it’s very easy to avoid any kind of pattern as long as I’m careful during scans, but what it means is that I’m trying both to suggest rational order and pull it apart.  Not sure if I’m succeeding in that but I very much like the look of the resulting works, one of which is below and more of which are to come.  And for reference, these works are all 40×40″ or larger, so they’re not delicately intricate but phenomenologically big.


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