Mistaken Perceptions of Order 2

October 12, 2011

So here are more examples of what I’ve been doing with the lines work.  And I know that curved lines weren’t in the rules I posted below but I had the cardstock to fool around with and so I just used the rim of a plastic cereal bowl to curve either corner to corner or corner to halfway across a side.  And I think the accidental circle one works best because the pattern really opens up and allows for accidents (the almost-circles) that muddy the waters of the 36 repetitions of the same card you’re seeing.  So I’m chasing more accidents like that with my plastic cereal bowl and pencil in hand.  These, like the others, are 40×40″ or as large as 4×4′.


And I did the following as a dry Albers joke but I was surprised at how well it works and how dimensional it appears, the orange scooped out of the blue.  This also breaks the color rules in both format and color combo but I’m messing around to stretch what I’m doing in advance of (cross your fingers) printing a portfolio and presenting some of this work to galleries and non-profits in LA and if I can get any kind of foot in the door to spaces in New York.  If you happen to know David Zwirner please get in touch. (Joking of course though that would be my dream gallery considering the roster there.)


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