And Then Life Interrupts

October 16, 2011

It’s not bad news but check it out: based on my Fake Iraq work I got nominated for the $10k Santa Fe Prize for Photography.  Which would mean I would probably go to Afghanistan.  Now I have to submit work and a statement etc. but I have plunged deeply into colorfield abstraction and had a conceptual epiphany on Friday and then on Saturday I’m digging back through the archives sorting through what I thought was ancient history: because of the recession, or maybe just fatigue, nobody cares about the war anymore so nobody cares about war-related artwork, except for the anonymous person who nominated me.

So now I’m in two very different artwork worlds and it’s hard to jump from one to the other.  I am still making abstract stuff right now though because some other random great things happened all at once and it freaked me out so now it’s abstraction as soothing activity, temporarily.


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