Bent Slugs and Mary Heilmann

October 21, 2011

First, note: I remembered where “slugs” came from–it’s from blank black you see in video and TV editing, a block of nothing, so it has a semi-relevant meaning.

So: I’ve been messing around with “slugs” I’ve made and a friend pointed out a Photoshop technique whereby you can realign what “gray” (or black or white) is in a color photo and alter the palette accordingly, which yields interesting results.  Some examples are below but coming up soon there’s more work that was sparked from reading the Mary Heilmann book/catalogue To Be Someone, and oh man is Mary Heilmann a genius.  And I’m nowhere near being a painter, even though her work makes me want to make the leap, but in any case there’s so much subtle invention in line and color in the work that it’s inspiring, and I’m not usually inspired this way by specific pieces of art (most of my inspiration comes from daydreaming and accidents).

And it might not be evident at blog size but there’s a whiplash tension between blue and gray in the bottom image at a larger size, which I’m hoping would transfer to a print.


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