Slug Cell for Peter Halley

October 30, 2011

Alongside Heilmann I’ve been looking at Peter Halley’s work, and I have books on him, Heilmann and Blinky Palermo but switching back and forth between my regular glasses and my prescription reading glasses gives me a headache so mostly I’ve been looking at plates and not reading text, though obviously the conceptual systems-analysis ideas of Halley’s work come across in the book design itself and the plates.  And while reading I’ve been reading one bad and one good (Amelia Jones) book on body art because that’s my work outside of what fits on a screen and I’m thinking more about that now.  So my mind is wandering.

One thing I like about Halley’s work even without my good glasses on is the serial nature of it–repeated motifs (like the cell windows) or more complex patterns drawn identically and painted in different colors, not too far off from what I’ve been doing in Photoshop with the Hue and Saturation function.  Not sure whether rigid seriality is a good direction but right now I’m heading in too many directions so after what’s below it’s been back to the basic scanned pane itself, and what I can do with the scanner; I’ll post some examples soon.


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