Realignments and Adjustments

November 11, 2011

Nothing much entirely new here, mostly just more variations on the slug/paint theme.   I’ve generated some more “paintings” from which to work but right now I’m stuck between trying to refine what I’m doing and wanting to push forward.  Which means I’m making a lot of new pieces toward creating a bulk from which I can pick and choose to make a coherent body of work, if making a coherent body of work is even something I should be wondering about.  I’m not being pessimistic, though, what I mean is: I’ve been thinking a lot about D&G’s idea of the rhizome and how that has informed a lot of my thinking about both how and why I make work, and lately things have been more tree than rhizome, which looks like artistic development and “maturity” though really it’s more that I’m imagining this work in a much broader context that’s hard to show in the linear accumulation of a blog.

So below you have two versions of the same piece (choose your favorite and vote now) as well as a sideways slug, which might be another door worth opening; this stuff is so precise (looks to the contrary) that even just turning vertical into horizontal amounts to a minor but radical shift in how to read the image.


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