“I don’t search, I find.”

November 13, 2011

The above is a Picasso quote I found in a John Stezaker book and which, I think, is a little cute but describes my working process pretty accurately.  (It defines Stezaker’s too though that’s very different work from what I make.)  Reading the book did get me thinking back about things I’ve done that were 1) small and 2) found and so I dug through my archives in order to dig through my work with the CalArts archives in 2007.

The following pics have been on my mind for a while but reading the Stezaker book was the tipping point because with the abstract stuff everything is huge and getting a little unfocused while with the stuff below everything is 5×5″ and completely local even though the event pictured isn’t legible.  What’s actually below is flatbed scans I made of contact sheets from the CalArts public affairs archive approx. 1985-1994.  I have about 450 of these; it’s an entirely different kind of “huge.”


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