So then where am I exactly.

November 15, 2011

Making more and more of this large-scale color field abstraction stuff I’m starting to wonder where I’m at, exactly.  Am I refining something legit that I’ve stumbled across, am I still stumbling, or am I still in a pre-stumbling state?  Not that I suddenly doubt all of the abstract stuff I’ve posted–in particular the flat white/pencil stuff is solid, I think–but since I abandoned a lot of my procedural rules I feel like I don’t have any boundaries to guide me.  Which is an easy fix–invent some rules–but I’m having a hard time coming up with what those rules should be, and how they would curve the variety of work I’ve produced.

Below is another tributary of the gray stuff, images to which I applied a simple Photoshop process and then finessed since now after over ten years of having Photoshop I’m finally starting to become moderately proficient at actually using it and curious about learning more.  No ideas about where I’m headed with this but via my curator friend here “not knowing what you’re doing” is the best, most important part of the process.  And I sort of agree with that although it’s kind of a blanket statement and for me things are more complicated than that.


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