Fin (for once)

December 13, 2011

So I’ve decided to just, for now, quit it with the big abstract color pieces, which means I’ll still keep fussing with them and have a show of them in May (don’t know which ones or how many) but I need to shut down with the paintings and scannings and cleaning off scannings until my hand cramps and being a little obsessed.  I am actually right now going to go outside and take some pictures of tree branches because the light is nice, and I have a post about Peter Saville and Don Suggs on deck, but for now it’s time for something interstitial until I start a new project, which I think is going to be text related but I don’t know how; I also might take some pictures of Lake Michigan and laminate them for a show in a swimming pool next year (no kidding) and figure out performance piece #3 because I might get to do one in LA along with piece #2, the stockade piece, which now I’m doing twice next summer.

Art needs to slow up a bit and get less related to shows though because it’s something I do for pleasure but it’s stressing me out, and I was in the hospital all weekend for reasons still unclear but probably related to stress.  If any of the four of you who read this know how I can relax, let me know.   I was going to post a New Order album cover here so you could see how all the madness got started but the file’s corrupt, so coming soon.



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