Humbug and Good News

December 23, 2011

Slight lull lately, busy baking cookies and spacing out/worrying, but expect a lot of stuff coming down the pipes in the next two weeks because the whole Holiday Shutdown is like being stranded on a desert island because everybody’s busy being tense with their families and getting sloshed with people they want to screw or vice versa so nothing gets done.  So it’s arts and crafts time.  I have both some text pieces in the works and some cut paper scans because I currently own a shitload of card stock and a nice pair of scissors and have to wait for my agent and a gallery owner to get back to me in January.  I also have to locate and buy 44″ pieces of cardboard somewhere with money plucked from my imagination.

There is good news: a story of mine’s getting published in the next issue of Conjunctions, which is never the kind of thing I thought would happen to me and which may help get my book sold so that was a big thrill that lasted a good long while before it was, you know, time for me to get back to work and for everyone else to celebrate the holidays.  I tried to explain to a friend today about how I don’t have days off, no weekends or holidays, I just get up in the morning, do the essentials, and do creative work (and worry) unless I’m in the hospital etc. but I think I have my stomach issues figured out and managed to eat both a banana and quite a lot of peanut butter this week, which for me is amazing, so things are hopeful in general even if painfully glacial.  Have a happy whatever you do.


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