Cannot Actually Stop

December 26, 2011

So I have everything set to work on a few series of text pieces but then I get hooked back in and break out the paint and here you are, more abstract squares.  And while part of this has to do with insecurity over giving the gallerist who’s giving me a show of these a lot of samples to choose from, most of it is “oh, what if I changed that one minor thing, what would that do?”

So here are some recent pieces and you’ll note the addition of gray and colored “splits” or “drops” or whatever I decide I should call them because I realized that, especially with gray, you can imperceptibly color the gray split in a colored image and make it resonate more than it usually would, and that did work, but was also followed by the discovery that sometimes gray holds a lot of resonance just by itself, especially against blue (i.e. it looks brown) so no op art adjustments were necessary.  So new(er) work soon but here we go.  (Also note that the whites are whiter now, just two points shy of complete blank white, so that they’re as bright as possible but will still print with ink so they don’t look weird when printed out.)


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