Twelve Angry Words

January 5, 2012

Not really.  Sort of.  The plan was to photograph twelve “associated” words in the manner shown below in a way that doesn’t form a sentence but implies a certain amount of menace.  The problem, though, is that I think I wore out my camera.  15k pictures is a lot of photos for one low-end Rebel but it might be some factor I’m not aware of.  (The edges of the letters are unevenly blurry and supersaturated in a way that doesn’t suggest either plain blur or anything at all to explain the oversaturation.)

So I need to probably make some money magically appear to get another low-end Rebel until I can finally afford the solid $1700 7D I want when I win the lottery.  But below is the basic idea; I also need to reshoot because the tilt and scale varies too much from word to word and I’m using a friend’s camera for that but this is a small part of the “all my new work” I was writing about a while ago before life interrupted and I couldn’t pull myself away from making those abstract squares, which I still can’t.


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