On Installations (part 1.5)

January 20, 2012

Part of the terror of having others create an installation on your behalf is not knowing exactly what’s going on 1800 miles away, because at this point I still don’t know what work will be in the show and making/printing/shipping that work will take time, time that’s rapidly slipping away, but on the other hand everyone except me seems convinced everything will run smoothly so I guess that’s reassuring.  (Also there’s a much bigger and more important show going on concurrently with mine and, for it, this weekend the Armory needs to coordinate crashing a 15-foot remote-controlled plane filled with paint into a giant canvas at the Rose Bowl, so, you know, they’re kind of busy.)  It’s just that from experience I know that installations take a lot more time than simply hanging framed work on a wall, which takes plenty of time all by itself, so right now I’m panicked about time and the irony of how all I do all day is wait around for my life to slowly unfold (or not, w/r/t almost all of 2011) while I’m stressed about not having enough time for everything I need to do.

There’s a big “on the other hand” involved in a remotely installed installation, though, which is that I’m really terrible at all of the aspects of installing a show so things probably will run much, much more smoothly if they’re not left to me.  I can’t get work to hang level, and I get things measured/spaced wrong, and I’d be awful at applying wall text in any way other than thumbtack form, and trust me I’m even bad at just painting the wall.  So it’s good that all I have to do is deliver the work and the instructions and then show up later (and I actually get to show up later, about which I’m thrilled), but there’s so much decision making left to do, and Photoshop work and text work left to do after that, that part of me wants either a little more autonomy or some very clear instructions to follow.  (Which, edit: I’ll be getting instructions Saturday.)  Wednesday is the cutoff for when I’ll be able to send files for printing, and it’s Friday afternoon as I write this, so you can see what I mean about time.  But I also feel completely confident that at everything will make it onto the walls.  I’m just not sure what work yet or how soon, but I should know that soon enough.


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