Lab Work

January 21, 2012

Reverting back to some pre-big-show smaller-but-way-more-expensive-show work here just because staring at the countless minor flaws in those men in suits photos and not quite being able to fix them to my satisfaction is making my brain itch.  So then it’s not small stakes work, because there’s a lot of potential money invested in the potential show of these images and whatever’s chosen of the 33 others like them, but working on them is systematic and familiar so it’s as if I’m just back in the color/abstraction/pseudo-synecdoche-for-painting lab puttering around with some oranges, grays, blues, and greens.  It does make me wonder again why in Photoshop the color spectrum you choose from about 70% blue/cyan/green and 30% everything else but it just makes the oranges (my favorite color), yellows and reds thwack even louder.

Edit: this is also my 401st post here, meaning about 100 posts per year, or a post every three days, so that’s a ton of verbiage and photography to collect in one place and it makes me shudder to think what the first 100 posts were about during a time in my life that was let’s just euphemistically say less than great, health-wise.



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