Quick Turnaround

February 19, 2012

So I just got these images today (or late last night?) and am still in a grudge match with my novel (it’s too long yet it needs more scenes between the two main characters) but I decided to blow off the novel for an hour or two and test out my modernist grid on forgotten photo project.

I think what’s actually more interesting than the grid is the way the arrangement of the squares direct your eyes and how either blockage or clarity pushes you to linger on certain areas different from what you’d see if you looked at the unadorned photo.  So I guess besides a memory/history project this is a project in optics, Uta Barth territory by way of Mondrian?


2 Responses to “Quick Turnaround”

  1. Uta Barth Says:

    I just finished and showed a project based on/referencing Mondrian. How funny!!!?
    I like your work very much. For the new images you should look at John Baldessari’s work. Unfortunately I can’t find any images from the series I am thinking of on the web. But look at these: http://www.margoleavingallery.com/exhibitions/13?artist=1
    Nice website, and yes, do travel as much as you can. It changes you in the best way possible. (sorry if all sounds to much like the teacher in me, I just wanted to say I enjoyed your work and words.)
    all best,

    Uta Barth

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