The Baldessari Issue

February 21, 2012

Per the comments in the previous post, it’s clear now that I wandered around the long way into Baldessari territory; I have to admit that I know more about because I’m a bigger fan of his earlier “four balls in the air” kind of conceptual photography than the later stuff but on the other hand, duh.  So a trip to the university library is in order as soon as I feel better (chest cold) and am finished with my current crop of art books (soon), but in the meantime I’m still working on the project; there are 12 images total to work with so I want to layer all of them and then see what I’ve got.

The question is whether there’s anything I should change in my approach given the obviousness; right now I think what I’m doing with the squares serves a different function than the way Baldessari would use dots etc. to obscure faces but I need to look at his work more.  There’s also the issue of context, because showing these with my abstract-painting-squares puts them in a different light than maybe just showing them on their own.  So we’ll see.  Here are two more; it’s a slower process than it looks like it should be but I should have them all done soon-ish.  Eleven portraits of men and one burning building.


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