Keep calm and medicate?

February 24, 2012

Scroll down past this post and you’ll find a British WWII poster exhorting citizens to Keep Calm and Carry On.  As soon as I saw it I thought I should make an American 2012 version, so that’s what you have below.  Yes it’s juvenile but that’s part of the point.  This is one of the “several bodies of work” I’m working on, and eventually there will be other posters (20×30″ each) with other icons and messages about the quandaries of daily US civilian life.  They’re a little dark, some of them, but these are bleak times.  (I always get worked up during an election year in particular; I’m a politically committed Democratic Socialist (think Scandinavia, not China) but news about politics makes me seasick.)

And I guess dropping the F-bomb makes this an 18 and over site, not that I would imagine kids would ever find this place anyhow especially given the search terms people are using to accidentally find this place.  (You’d be surprised and a little alarmed.)  And I might change the font, too.  Hard to find something that replicates the pre-Helvetica curve of the original poster but is still slim without being “condensed.”  And the pill bottle icon was made for me by the wonderful designer Stephanie Chen, whose work you can find here.


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