Being There

March 4, 2012

Two posts to post today: the first is the good one in that I figured out how to make some large text drawings that are still archival and can include photographs but are unique cheap works not expensive photos, but even more important than that I’ve figured out a way to use my icon slogans.  Once I have the money in the bank I’ll be able to buy the paper and packing tape I need, though storage is an issue especially as these aren’t digital and no galleries are knocking at my door so I’m coming up with a lot of projects that probably can’t be realized.  Another project involves nailing snapshots of palm trees to pieces of scrap lumber and nailing them to the wall, which is also a storage and a nobody’s-interested issue.

A lot of this inspiration comes from looking at my friend Lee Perillo’s work, mostly sculptural work done with wit and elegance.  Ever since I saw his first project when he was a freshman at CalArts I knew he would be big someday, and probably soon.  But the likelihood of Lee’s success is balanced by a book I got from the university library today.  I got it because it had color plates of Cady Noland’s work and I worship Cady Noland but what was sort of heartbreaking about the book is that it featured around 12 sculptors c. 1990, all represented by name galleries in Manhattan, and yet after 20 years only a few have “stuck.”

It’s sort of the opposite of wondering why some young artists make the climb and some don’t–wondering why some young gallery artists achieve something like success and then fall off the radar.  So I don’t know whether I’m a young artist who doesn’t have a career yet or an artist fading away from art as a career, but I’m hustling as hard as ever, hitting up even the most unlikely people to see the Armory show and meet with me.  I’ll never quit.  But: my vision is often blurry right now because of a medication I’m taking so making new work is tough, but I should have new things to look at soon, even if it’s not nailed to scrap lumber.


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