Don’t Believe Everything That You Read

March 6, 2012

The image below has a pretty hairy past and I’ve just come across it again for the text show I may or may not ever propose to a local gallery here but the deal with it is that a 40×40″ print of it was supposed to be in the CalArts 2008 mfa grad show in Chinatown but for whatever crazy reason in that particular crazy patch of my life I tore the expensive print in half and trashed it and instead, very last minute, submitted some lame-duck vintage cartoon video art that I don’t even have a copy of anymore.

So encountering this both made me realize that a whole lot has happened since then and I’m a tad bit more copacetic nowadays thanks to the pharmaceutical industry but also that I can’t remember what the deal was, or how this work was even chosen, or why felt like I needed to destroy it.  Still have the file though, at least, and the phrase was lifted from an editor’s comment in the Phaidon Capital D book I paged through at a laundromat (why I remember that I don’t know) but is grain-of-salt when it comes to text in art and writing not reflecting the truth of the general state of things.  Or maybe it’s more truthful than I’d like to admit.

And it’s an offshoot of the LA I’m Yours work but I see it more as a standalone piece, though it works with the grouping of other stuff below it, also made 2004-2012 and usually prompted by discovering text vs. generating it, which I do enough of in my writing.  So the first piece below is the destroyed image and stuff below that feels complimentary.


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