The Big (Temporary) No

March 11, 2012

There are a lot of images I could be working on right now, and a lot of things I could be working on right now in general, but with my health problems and my financial problems I’ve just reached a kind of limit of “This is not fun anymore this is just drudgery and I’m not going to do it.”  This can happen when you’re home all day every day with limitless time to work on art and writing: you just get burned out.  And when the things you love to do the most are what you do all day, there’s nowhere to really turn, except lately watching a lot of YouTube clips of live Scout Niblett performances.  Which: go track those down because that’s the real shit, there.

So I always hit this wall and try to figure out how to spend my time otherwise and…it never works and it never lasts.  I’m not the kind of person who can take breaks.  The only non-creative pursuit I have is baking (the cookies kind not the other kind) and I am baking cookies way too often, and probably will again tonight because I’m too uncomfortable to sit still.  So what all this amounts to is whining about getting everything you want minus one important thing–money–and how that’s sometimes corrosive.  But the four of your who read this regularly know it’ll only be a day or two and I’ll be posting new work.  Sigh.  Part of it is just that my output far exceeds my ability to share it with people, and if I could then there would be quality control issues.  So I am “taking a break” but check back soon because there’ll be some new thing, probably.  Happy Daylight Savings Time.


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