Brief Distraction

March 23, 2012

It’s more complicated than I can even explicate here but for a few (more than a few) reasons I need to get my head away from art and writing, which means firing up the old laptop and making some mindless lo-fi tossoff music.   Which got released as an album in the Czech Republic, but only as a free download.

Before I turned to writing and art in earnest I earned myself a half-self-taught classical music background both as a clarinetist and a composer…and that’s nearly impossible to hear here in these blown out experiments in 1) beat-driven drone or 2) for a while in early 2011, minimal techno.  Plus I managed to get myself dehydrated pretty impressively in the dumbest way possible so I’ve been laid up, a little.

Here’s an example of the techno.  Below that is the link for the whole soundcloud page.  Enjoy.


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