Less Bad

April 8, 2012

When multiple medical problems blossom for you and your family all at the same time, time itself seems to slow but also widen, so every day is long and it feels like it’s been months since I made any art.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I don’t have any new art for you but some good news, my oldest-known-photo is going to be in a show at PermaDirty in Claremont/greater LA.  It’s below, and the date on it is legit, not a digital invention.  I was listening to the first Yeah Yeah Yeahs LP a lot at that point, if that lyric sparks any memories.

I had recently finished “lost” year one at CalArts and was in a bit of a tailspin so I don’t recall making the image much but I can tell you it was made with a 35mm SLR pointed at a computer laptop screen with all the room’s lights turned off, because I was shooting screens a lot back then.  The font is courtesy MS Paint.  I probably cleaned it up later in Photoshop, and posted it on a Saatchi student art website approx. 2007 then lost the file.  Then I rediscovered the image on the site in 2011, pulled it and enlarged it so it’s lossy but that adds to the charm.


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