Everything, Everything

April 21, 2012

I don’t know where this is going but it came out of a utilitarian need: right now my mother’s and my tiny apartment is overrun with medical supplies.  I was thinking of a way to properly organize them when it struck me that one way of organizing them is cataloguing them and that my unblinking stare at health problems could be partly ameliorated by a camera.  So there’s a lot more of this and it’s disturbing to me because this is a thing in my house but here’s some examples of things now in my world that I can’t reconcile.  It’s like being invaded by a hospital.  I mean, this is real: every other day I have to drain my mom’s thin red lung cavity fluid and flush it down the toilet.  (It looks and feels like hot Kool Aid.)  Which doesn’t seem real even when I’m doing it but which is real.  So partly this is art as documentation vs. the other way around.

I decided to just uses a flash against a flat white background unless what I was shooting was enormous, like the Invacare Platinum 10 hardcore oxygen purifier, which sounds like a motor running and every couple of seconds emits a slow whoosh like someone time-stretched the Darth Vader breathing sound effect and which scared the fuck out of my cat until we wheeled it into my mother’s room and now keep the door mostly closed.  Not sure the flash/white is the right approach so you will probably see variations of this now, maybe as art, absolutely as documentation, as this is here and this is real and this is serious.  Or maybe just this.  This.


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