April 28, 2012

I still have a full-page handwritten sheet of ideas to work on but with helping out my mother and then after seeing the oncologist on Thursday and learning things are much worse than we’d been led to believe I’ve only just started to be able to function this morning.  Here’s another example, this one of a more firmed-up series of “Self Portraits as a Ghost” text pieces using most original text but also phrases culled from pop songs and other texts.  This is 30×40″ at full size and with the text layers I had to do some merging because I exceeded the 4GB tif limit on just this but the idea is that the overlaps form an image and the whole thing is big enough for you to be able to pick up each individual phrase if you concentrate.  Not sure if it works or not but it sort of resembles what was in my head and I’ll work on more as I have time. Gray border just to show border, as usual.



One Response to “Progress”

  1. AF Says:

    upon rotating a laptop screen on its hinge this is on the margin of a lenticular print. disappearing/reappearing ink, without ink.

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