(Un)solicited Advice

April 29, 2012

Once I get rolling and have hours in the morning or afternoon to sneak here or there I really get rolling, with series and with one-offs.  The thing now seems to be to make very large text pieces.  The majority of what’s below got started in 2009 when I wanted to make an artist’s book of “Solicited Advice” so I solicited five pieces of advice from anyone/everyone I could think of.  Nothing ever happened with it but I just found the file again recently and linked it up in my head with wanting to do something re: those acrylic/backlit roadside church or other signs with plastic letters that slot into place and fascinate me because of having to fit a message into a limited amount of space with a limited number of letters.  So for the (very rough) images below I took pieces of advice and slotted them letter by letter into 40×50″ prints.  Ideally there’d be around 12 or 15 of these but I still have a lot of kinks to work out that aren’t visible at this scale.  What’s below that is another one-off text piece that also isn’t cleaned off (it’s an inverted flatbed scan) but is workable.  And you can kind of get an idea from the content where I’m at but that’s not really the point; text for me as a visual object is a sort of wedge to drive new meaning between learned ways of reading and normative linguistic forms.



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