Wherein It’s Tough to Get Away from the Digital Print

June 8, 2012

Because even with my typewritten-looking pages produced in Pages (it’s like a poor man’s Word produced for Macs) once I’ve scanned them they’re ripe for manipulation and experiment, so I can vary the whiteness of the white page, for example, or do what I did below, but the problem is that this then ends up becoming a file vs. a page in a document, meaning printing costs rise considerably.  Not sure what the printing cost of one desktop printer word-processor page is but what you see below would be a little over $2.50 as an 8×10″, meaning you could still blanket the room with them but only if you had deep pockets.

Meanwhile I actually used my camera to shoot some pieces of glitter paper for possible inclusion in the whole Trouble in Paradise project next post down, but have been molasses lately (in relative terms) and working on an essay (polemic) about writing and autism for the website I review books for, because autistic keeps getting tossed around incorrectly as a descriptor for writing first because it’s a medical condition not an adjective and second because it’s getting applied to the wrong kind of writing, and a really annoying, vacant, self-promotion vehicle kind of writing at that.  So I’m not happy but I am the only autistic writer of experimental fiction and poetry I’ve been able to find so it’s a small club of us trying to get our agenda across, ahem.


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